Cancellation Policy

Who is Responsible?

Responsible tenant is Sportshopens Ställplats, Swedemount Sportswear and Fashion AB, Box 125, 457 02 Grebbestad, 556437-2521.

As a landlord, we are obliged to ensure that:

When will my booking be binding?

Once you have paid your spot and have accepted your booking.


What are my rights?

If we do not provide the spot in promised condition or at the right time and unable to offer you another equivalent spot, you are entitled to terminate the agreement. We will then have to pay back all that you paid us, less the benefit you might have had of the spot. Instead of terminating the agreement, you may request that the rent is changed. If you have any complaints, please report them to us as soon as possible. Please report immediately to give us a chance to correct it.

What do I have for obligations? Check your booking confirmation to make sure it is correct to avoid misunderstandings. Once you have paid your booking, we expect it to be correct. To make an reservation with us, you must be at least 25 years old. You must take care of the spot and comply with the rules and regulations that apply. Between 23:00 and at. At 7 am, the tenant shall be silent towards other guests. Dog owners are asked to show the greatest possible consideration to the other guests. Keep the dog in short leesh and rest it in the designated place. Sales at and within the area is only allowed with Sporsthopens license. You are responsible for all damages that occur on the spot by you or someone in your company being negligent. You must clean up after you and throw away trash, recycling at the designated place. Otherwise, we will perform cleaning at your expense. Take care of the nature - it needs your protection

The agreement expires with immediate effect if:

If the agreement expires due to the above mentioned case, you and your company must immediately move from the area and you are not entitled to recover any part of the rental amount.

What happens if we do not agree?

Contact us directly with any complaints. Keep in mind that your ability to correct can be reduced if you are waiting to complain. If we do not agree, you can contact the General Complaints Board.

War, natural disasters and strikes, etc.:

Parties are entitled to withdraw from the agreement if the place of residence can not be provided due to acts of war, natural disasters, labor disputes, further disruption of water or energy supply, fire or other similar major events that neither you nor we could anticipate or influence. In such a case, we are obliged to pay back as soon as possible what you paid, less the benefit of the place of residence.

Parking instructions

Park so marked pole is centered against your vehicle. If you exceed your spot and reservation / payment has not been made, there will be fines to be issued.
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